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Fleet Tracker Installations
Fleet tracker installations

We install Fleet Tracking Systems - WE COME TO YOU!

Live GPS real-time tracking devices for Vehicle Tracking, Fleet management, Plant & Machinery Security, Sports timing, Personal Location & Lone Worker Protection, Surveillance & Security. We are authorised installers for Trackitnow, Tracker, CobraTrak and Trackstar vehicle tracker systems.

A fleet vehicle tracking system can help your business save money, become more time efficient and more profitable, while helping to provide a safer and fairer working environment for your employees, as well as offer your customers a better service level experience.

Reduced Fleet Costs

With GPS vehicle tracking system you can increase your productivity and reduce your fleet costs. With proactive alerts, the system will be able to schedule your vehicles servicing and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Fuel Savings

Fuel savingsFuel is a necessity for businesses, can decrease fuel wastage by helping you to identify which vehicles are using the most fuel. Fuel can be wasted in many different ways, idling, speeding and driver behaviour. Decreasing idling times and reducing vehicle speed can have a large impact on fuel savings.

Improved Fleet Optimisation

Fuel savingsFleet Tracking makes improving the way your fleet works easy, with tools that show where your vehicles overlap helping to eliminate unnecessary journeys. Managing your fleets mileage helps to make large savings by reducing mileage surcharges and making better use of your available vehicles.

Enhanced Customer Service

Fuel savingsYou can respond quicker to your customer’s needs. By understanding your vehicles locations, you can quickly and easily use the nearest vehicle search to respond faster to your customer. You can provide full historic proof of service and offer more accurate arrival times.

Simplified Fleet Administration

Fuel savingsYou can monitor mileage, service intervals, MOT, tax and insurance. The system can automatically alert you before these dates enabling you to manage your fleet more efficiently.

Employee Safety, Security and Welfare

Fuel savingsYou can monitor your fleets location and improve your fleet security. Panic buttons can be installed in your fleet vehicles for emergency situations. You can have alerts sent directly to mobile phones to advise if a vehicle has left a Geofence Zone outside of working hours.

HMRC P11D Business / Private Button

Fuel savingsBusiness / Private button solution offers the company owner and driver peace of mind that every business and private mile is being record in the ERA system. The HMRC make it the responsibility of the driver to record all private journeys – the Tracker solution will record these and mark them as private.

Duty of Care

Fuel savingsDuty of care is essential to current Health & Safety legislation such as the working time directive and as such companies need to implement a road risk reduction programme. It can help you minimise road risk by understanding the hours driven by the drivers, monitoring speeding and understanding the driver’s behaviour.

Security Benefits

Fuel savingsSetup zones and points of interest easily with just a couple of clicks of a mouse. Define and apply rules and alerts to monitor vehicle movements autonomously. Alerts are by text message, email and via on screen pop-ups.

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